Sunday, January 25, 2009

Steamed Fa Gao

Fa Gao Literally translated as "Prosperity Cake", fagao is made with wheat flour, water, sugar and leavened with either yeast or baking powder. Fagao batter is steamed until it rises and splits open at the top. The sound "fa" means either "to raise/generate" or "be prosperous", hence its well intending secondary meaning


200gm Hong kong flour
1 tsp Instant yeast
150ml water

250gm Hong Kong flour
20gm Double-acting baking powder
160ml water
200gm brown sugar or gula melaka


  1. Starter : Sift Hong Kong flour and mix well with instant yeast and water. Cover with damp cloth and set aside for 2 hours.
  2. Dough : Sift Hong Kong flour and baking powder together.
  3. Dissolve brown sugar in water. Fold in sifted ingredients. Add starter and mix well. Use toothpick to cut a cross through the mixture. Sprinkle sugar on the cross line.
  4. Line aluminium cups with paper cups and arrange on steamer tray. Pour batter into cups until 90% full and leave to rise for 290 minutes. Steam over rapidly boiling water for about 15 minutes.

(portion : 2 big, 2 small bowl)

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