Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yusheng (鱼生)


Yusheng (also spelt Yu Sheng) meaning "raw fish" is a Chinese New Year dish, served traditionally on the seventh day of Chinese New Year or Ren Ri ("Everyman's Birthday"). It is a salad dish made of thin slices of raw fish and various spices, mixed with tossing actions by diners. A play on Chinese homonyms links the ingredients and tossing actions to prosperity and longevity, all adding to the good wishes for the new year.


2 large red carrots ) grated into strip

1 radish ) grated into strip

1 green radish ) grated into strip

1 pkts of sweet candies (about two pieces each of sweet ginger, lotus, coconut slices, lime, kiwi, carrot etc).


4 tbsp Plum Sauce

4 tbsp Lemon Sauce

Syrus (2 tablespoon mix with 4 tablespoon of sugar)

10 ml oil

(mixed together)

Lemon (squeeze into salmon)


Sweet lotus, kiwi, lime, carrot, ginger, dates, winter melon slice (cut into dice size ready for use)

Ground Peanut

Sesame seed

(mixed together)

Plain Cracker (mix 80gm of plain flour with warm water and knead until dough is form. Rest for 10 minutes before roll and cut into square shape. You may add a little bit of water if is too dry or add flour if dough is too wet. Deep fry in oil until golden brown. Leave to cool).

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