Saturday, January 17, 2009


Shopping for New Year’s goodies at the wholesale outlet is so interesting and rewarding. Together with KK, her husband and Mr Chef we met in the morning at 8.30 am of Jan 18 (Sun) to set off with our shopping experience.

To my surprise there are a lot of big charter bus (organized by the community Centres/Club) to bring the public to this place for their New Year purchase (of course you need to pay for this service). Be it dried, seafood, tidbit, confectionery or steamboat stuff, lot of variety is available for you to choose from.

Here are some of the values for money good stuff to share with.

Fassler Gourmet Pte Ltd
46 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738459
Tel : 65-62575217

Prawn : $7.50/kg
US Scallops (500gm) : S$18.00
Crab meat 250gm : S$3.50

Wang Foong Foodstuffs Suppliers Pte Ltd
48 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738460
Tel : 65-67594388

(1 pkt = 1kg) Price before GST (7%)
Chicken Cocktail : S$11.50
Garlic Pork Cocktail : S$11.50
Cheese Cocktail : S$14.40
Bratwurse Sausage (German sausage) : S$17.00

Note : Foodedge Gourmet : 26 Woodlands Terrace, Tel : 65-63394953 also selling sausage, but closed on Sunday. Both are equally good.

Got this at the unit next to Foodedge Gourmet (forget to note down the company name and unit #). Items such as sotong ball, fish egg roll, fish meat ball are at 3 pkts for S$10.00. Other stuffs like mushroom ball, crab meat, crab meat ball are at 5 pkts for S$10.00 (or S$2/pkt).

William Koo Sea Product Processing Factory

56 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738464
Tel : 65-62692129

Shark fin 250gm = 1 pkt (1pkt = S$8.00, 2pkt = S$15.00, 3pkt = S$21.00)
Sea Cucumber (1kg) = 1 pkt (1pkt = S$24.00, 2pkt = S$45.00)

J & C (Fong’s) Food Industrial
15 Woodland Loop (Drive in car park)
Tel : 65-63394953

Pineapple Tarts S$13.50 per tin
Fragrance Foodstuff Pte Ltd
60, Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738466
Tel : 65-62578608

Xiang Wei Bakkwa
500gm S$20.00
1kg S$40.00 (come with a air-tight container)

Dried Fish Maws – 1pkt = S$7.00, 2pkts = S$13.00
Note : usually these wholesale outlet are closed on Sat & Sun (except during this festive season).

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  1. Wow ! a fruitful trip @ Woodland. Thanks for sharing and carrying them back. 辛苦你了