Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dorayaki (どら焼き)

I love Dorayaki, Yummy Yummy !

In the Kansai region (Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and surrounding areas), Dorayaki are called Mikasa, name after a mountain in Nara Park in Nara. It has been known as a tourist attraction, an excellent place to view the moon.

I did some research and here's the final product of mini and normal size Dorayaki.

Ingredients (can make 8 nos of Dorayaki)
4 whole eggs
150g top flour
60g castor sugar
60g honey or 40g of maple syrup (for better fragrance)
1 tsp baking soda >
2 tbsp of water > mix together
5 tbsp of milk
2 tbsp of sugar syrup

Ingredients for Red Bean Paste
100g Red Beans
20g Maltose
80g Sugar
1/2 tsp salt


  1. Pour eggs into a mixing bowl. Whisk the eggs and slowly add the castor sugar (divide into three times) in the same direction. Whisk eggs until the colour is light and fluffy.
  2. Add in honey and mix well. Then add in baking soda that was mixed with water and mix well. Add in sieved flour and using a spatula mix the flour into the egg mixture. Do not over stir the mixture.
  3. Cover the batter with cling strap and let it rest for 30 mins in the fridge. After the resting time, pour in the milk. (Tips : add in more milk if the batter is too thick or add more flour if the batter is too dilute).
  4. Heat pan up using low heat. Do not put in any oil to the pan or wok. Scoop one spoonful of batter onto the pan or wok. And make into a round shape.
  5. Let it cook until you see bubbles forming. Then turn the pancake over and fry for another 5 seconds.
  6. Brush sugar syrup on both side of hot pancake to prevent it from getting dry and hard.
  7. Spread the red bean paste on one of the pancake and seal with the other pancake.

For sugar syrup - Mix 1 tbsp of sugar to 1 tbsp of hot water. Mix well and leave aside to cool for use.

Fillings Method

  1. Soak red bean for 4 hours
  2. Pour red bean into saucepan and bring to boil over high heat. Fill water enough to cover the red bean + above 2 inches level.
  3. Turn to low heat once the water boil and cook until red bean is soften and drain the excess water.
  4. Pour cooked red bean with some water on to the blender (if you like to have whole bean, skip step 4 - 5).
  5. Blend until paste is form
  6. Remove from blender and pour red bean paste, maltose, sugar and cook at low heat. Stirring from below up. Keep stirring until sugar melts and excrete water.
  7. Continue to cook until red bean is dry.
  8. Add in salt and leave aside to cool.

Note : You may choose to use jam, Nutella, ready made paste for fillings)


  1. Hi, it's a very great blog.
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  2. Thank for the compliment!
    You have made my day and eveyday is a learning process for me. That's still room of improvement.

  3. Well done ! yum yum... i want a bit of it