Saturday, August 15, 2009

Roselle Flower Tea (洛神花茶)

I have seen this fresh Roselle Flower during one of my previous trip at Desaru Farm. The Chinese Medical Hall sell the dry version. At times, it is pre-pack with some other type of herb as well.

While browsing the vegetable stall at the wet market this morning, I come across the fresh Roselle Flowers. Going at 100 grams for S$0.50. The lady boss told me is good for lowering cholesterol level. Since I have not taste it before, I decide to give it a try.

You have to remove the fruits from the flower bulb. Put one pot of water to boil with the flower bulb. After 25 mins, you will notice the flower bulb turned to pale transparent colour. The water appears as purple. Now, you can add rock sugar to your taste.

It taste a bit sour, similar to Blackcurrant or the Ribena drink. Wonder if Ribena did extract from this Roselle Flower.

Tips from Ai See - Not to waste the flower bulb after boil. Add spoonful of sugar and made it into jam. I shall try the next round.

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