Sunday, February 22, 2009

Real Cafe Coffee

Annie Tan our main coffee "purchaser" come across this new product from NTUC and brought it to the office. I'm so excited to try it out during my self declared "coffee break".

Real Cafe ~ Specially Blended Drip Coffee ~
Instruction :
  1. Open the bag by tearing along the arrow line.
  2. Pull the hooks to make the opening squarely and hook it on the cup.
  3. Half fill with hot water slowly and wait for 20 seconds before adding more water.
  4. Shake the bag well and remove it before drinking (Add sugar or milk to suit your taste).

The second cup AT helps me to prepare taste very much better than the one that I mixed.

Probably that's come with a touch of tender care, hahaha !


  1. This is interesting, very japanese style!

    How's the taste of coffee btw?


  2. Yes, product from Japan. Packing and brewing concept is very new. I'm not a coffee lover, so can't really tell the different. It taste originally to me.