Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sandwich Maker

This Sandwich Maker is purchase from Carrefour (Bluesky) at S$15.90. A good buy with the additional $1.00 discount for being the Lucky Charm member. Actual price is S$16.90 offer to public.

I want to have something new aside from using bread as the original toast. I visit Shop N Save to see if there's any new product on the shelf.

I browse around the supermarket and come across this product called "Toaster Flat Bread" from Chinatown (brand name) S$3.95. Making wild guesses that it will be similar to pancake type at the first look of the cover on the product.

And to my surprise, yes is indeed a pancake. Similar to the Indian style of "Roti Prata". Big and Small Poh Bei like it very much. As it is crispy and not too big piece for the breakfast. Most importantly is the convenience, oil free and no mess preparation. Something worth to try on... with or without fillings.

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