Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nian Gao (大中国年糕)

Nian Gao sound common and easy to get when close to Chinese New Year time. I use to think that’s no big deal for such common stuff and didn’t know how to appreciate it very much. To me when I see my mum wait for it to be moldy, slice it into bite pieces, sun it and store it in the fridge every year, it just another superstitious act during Chinese New Year.

In Chinese belief, Nian Gao must keep until moldy. It symbolize ‘windfall’ (发财) and ‘Promotion’ (年年高升) to those who are employ.

There are many ways in eating the Nian Gao.
  • Dip in egg flour batter and pan fried
  • Steam it hot and dip in coconut strip
  • Wrap with dumpling skin and pan fried
  • Using slice of Nian Gao with slice of sweet potato or yam and pan fried
  • Cook with Tang Yuan

During harvest, using the rice grain to make Nian Gao is to bear in mind the hard effort of the farmer.

As years goes, I start to compare the different brand of Nian Gao available in the market. Not for commercial gain, I favour 大中国年糕. You can taste the different when comparing to other brand. It gives a unique aroma smell when you bite into the Nian Gao. Oh for healthy reason, it is less sweet too.

If you like it to be crispy thin crust, use one beaten egg. Dip one slice of Nian Gao into the mixture and rolled over plain flour for both side. Heat the wok with 1 to 2 tablespoon of oil and pan fried both side until golden brown and serve.

Alternatively, if you want it to be slightly puffy, beat one egg with 80gm of self rising flour. Dip the Nian Gao with the batter and pan fried.


Using my new addtion of long chopstick to pan fried the Nian Gao

You may pan fried all your Nian Gao and keep it covered with sling wrap in the fridge. Toast it for a min or two when you wants to consume.

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