Sunday, January 31, 2010

La Gourmet Thermal Wonder Cooker

I have been eyeing to own a Thermal Wonder Cooker. Saw one demo in the wet market which is made locally. Cost about S$200+, think is on the high side.

Come across this promotion at Robinson under La Gourmet brand. Buy one 7L La Gourmet Thermal Wonder Cooker, get one 1.5L Thermal Wonder Cooker free at S$129.00. A great deal for me.

1.5L Thermal Wonder Cooker

7L Thermal Wonder Cooker

1.5 L Thermal Wonder Cooker (available in this green or the above light brown col)
What so special about this cooker ?
It reduce cooking time
It save gas, energy or electricity
It is convenience
It is hassle free
How ?
Simply cook soup, stew the normal way for 20 - 30 mins. Remove from stove and place the inner pot into the thermal wonder cooker. Leave it to cook w/o any power connection. Food stay hot, soft and tender after 7 - 8 hours. So if you're on the go, you may just carry it along with you while you on the road and your food is still cooking in the wonder cooker. Cool meh !


  1. Can it be use on induction cooker ?

  2. Guess is the induction stove that you are referring to. Sure, you may put the outer pot on the induction stove to cook.

    The usual way you use to cook your soup or stew.