Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Potluck 2009

This year we have Christmas Pot Luck on 15 Dec which is the best timing to suit almost everyone in our department.

Look, here are the food prepared/ordered by my fellow colleagues.

933 Golden Pillow Curry Chicken Bread/Mee Siam (Ching Harn/Janet)

Satay - beef, mutton & chicken (AY)

Turkey (Kirk)

Tidbits (Henry)

Sparking Juice (Teen Teen)

Otah (Kala)

Mushrooms salad (Cindy)
Hashbrown Bacon Chedder Cheese Puff (Yin Yin)

Cream Puff (Anthea)

Chocolate Fondue (Yanti/Juliah/Nuraini)

Cranberry Pear Cake (Ai See)

Cheesy Macaroni (Ai See)

Brownie (Yin Yin)

Ice-Cream topping (Charmaine)

Mixed Vegetable Smoked Salmon Salad (Yen Yen)

Tuna spread w cracker (Cheryl)

Chicken Pie (SP)

Christmas Tree filled with "the wish" tag for gift exchange

The "biggest" size gift exchange wish being fulfilled to kk , so envy her.

Not forgetting our "Little Guest of Honour"

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